Services & Prices

Option 1 - DIY kits & expert telephone advice and support from The Yorkshire Nit Nurse

Please get in touch for a family quote.
This option includes:

  • A generous 200ml bottle of head lice treatment serum that kills head lice, super lice and eggs, safely and effectively. It is super kind to scalps, chemical free, pesticide free, hypoallergenic and free from perfumes and harmful additives. It also works as an awesome combing lubricant if you want to remove any dead eggs or do regular checks with it instead of conditioner.

  • A 0.15mm head lice and nit removal comb to remove the dead lice and nits after the lice treatment. Its long stainless steel teeth and its ergonomic grip make it efficient and easy to use on short hair and long hair. It has extremely compressed teeth (0.15 mm between teeth) removing the smallest of lice and nits that other combs miss.

  • Expert and friendly (yet deadly) telephone advice and support on how to comb successfully, how to apply treatment and after care advice. Ask me all the questions, I’ve got all the answers and the solutions and I am here for you.


  • The Yorkshire Nit Nurse fact and instruction bible - all you need to know; the myths, the facts, illustrations and instructions for removal and prevention tips all printed in a handy little booklet.

  • A couple of little extras to help assist with the treatment.

Option 2 - Forensic vacuum system head lice and nit check only

£40 per check -unfortunately, I am unable to offer this service at present due to high demand of The full Nitty Gritty treatments. Although please get in touch and we can discuss how to check efficiently at home.

  • Forensic check for lice, nits and eggs using a Lice Vacuum System (this is a totally comfortable and pain free experience which is suitable for children and adults of all ages). 

  • Results are instantly visible through the unique filter system. I then perform a Microscopic check on the filter to confirm and determine the level of infestation.

  • This can take up to 45 mins.

Please note this service is only to gauge the level of the infestation and remove any loose head lice and nits - it can not be considered as a treatment method. Live eggs will remain in the hair at this point.

*For my mobile service a call out charge will be applied. Please contact me with your post code for a quote for travel. Rest assured I travel near and far to help those in need.

Option 3 - The full NITTY GRITTY treatment - at your home / my home clinic

£40 per appointment for short male length hair

£60 per appointment for above shoulder length hair

£75 per appointment for below shoulder length hair

For extra long hair, dreadlocks, hair pieces or unusual cases, please get in touch for a quote.

*Please note for mild to moderate infestations there will need to be 2 appointments 7-9 days apart to break the life cycle to achieve the 100% guaranteed removal
**Extremely heavy and infestations that have lasted longer than 6 weeks may need a 3rd appointment a further 7-9 days later - please contact me to discuss.

For large families, group discounts are available - please get in touch to discuss.

   This service will include:

  • The precise and super sectioned application of a 100% chemical free, hypoallergenic, perfume and harmful additives free anti-head lice serum. This will need to be left in for two hours after application to work its deadly magic and then be washed out at home. You have my promise that this super clever serum actually works, and in a way that the head lice cannot become resistant to.

  • Meticulous and super sectioned comb through using professional head lice and nit combing tools to remove any stubborn lice, nits and live eggs whilst wearing a magnifying visor.

  • ‘The Nit Nipper’; the close inspection and removal of any stubborn nits

  • Each appointment can take up to 2 hours depending on length of hair and level of infestation.

Then we will see you in a week's time to repeat the treatment and comb out to ensure the cycle is broken which guarantees the 100% shut down. Please ensure you can make your second appointment.

*For my mobile service a call out charge will be applied. Please contact me with your post code for a quote for travel. Rest assured I travel near and far to help those in need.

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